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Welcome to Civic League of Haitian-American Voters

The Civic League of Haitian-American Voters (CLHAV) is a card-carrying, as well as active and involved membership, community-based organization (CBO). It builds social capital, which is grassroots citizen networks increasing party organization vitality, and voter involvement.

CLHAV is a non-profit organization. It is an independent institution, free of any established political or economic interest.  Created on November 15, 2009, it is based in Orlando, Florida.

CLHAV encourages Haitians toward accepting the full and equitable civic participation. It provides a local framework for the integration and solidarity of different associations in the community. It pursues the promotion of unity and culture of Haitians in the United States of America; it reconnects Haitians with one another and emphasizes cooperative activism serving the community. CLHAV must demystify the role of individualism and embraces the importance of collective effort, which will translate into civic engagement and political participation.